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9 Closet Items an Elegant Woman Needs to Own Year Round

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Here's a list of things you should have year-round that will elevate your elegance game. All of these items can be purchased affordably or with a bang. I suggest somewhere in the middle for each item unless you'd like to spend big on each! The quality needs to be excellent, and the price excellent for your budget...but without sacrificing quality! I can't stress that enough.

Excellent quality + excellent fit = forever piece

There may be affiliate links present, which means that if you click on them and decide to purchase, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you whatsoever. I only suggest items that I love and want to share! Thanks for supporting the blog!

1. Nude Heels

These are a must for every woman. Get them in a tone that suits your skin color the best.

The color and pointed toe will extend the length of your leg - making you look much taller than you are. I always harp about getting pointed toe heels, and this is why. Why not add the extra length it gives your legs? There's a reason so many celebrities wear pointed nude heels on the red carpet.

Yeah. Do yourself a favor and get pointed toe heels every time.

2. Nice handbag

Your current purse always needs to be in tip-top shape. When it starts to wear, get it out of there.

If I was going to suggest a single product from this list to splurge on, it would be the handbag.

There are many options for getting a great handbag. If you want to buy luxury, you don't have to pay luxury-prices. You can always buy pre-owned (in excellent condition) and even sell your designer bag for a new one when you're ready.

3. Black dress

The fit of this needs to be Spot. On.

If the fit is off even by a little bit, take it to a tailor (or do it yourself if you're a good seamstress), and make every curve match yours. This is the secret of a well-dressed woman. She knows her body and every item in her closet knows it, too. You can make a $50 dress look like it was $500 by the fit.

When choosing your black dress, look for a high-quality fabric. Does it look costly, does it look well-fabricated, and does it look durable? Will you be cleaning this dress yourself or will you be dry cleaning it? Take all of these into consideration when choosing any dress.

4. Silk skirt

Personally, I think the midi silk skirts are the classiest, and they're definitely the "it" skirt of the moment.

Silk usually wrinkles and the quality of the material will determine just how much. To keep silk looking ready-to-wear, always hang it up and use steam when it needs refreshing.

Bad care of silk will make the protein-based fibers break down and will cause wrinkles more easily. Always handle your silk garments with care because it can actually determine how much it wrinkles over time.

I actually chose a satin skirt for this suggestion. So if you're working on a smaller budget, a satin skirt is always an option. The only thing to keep in mind is that satin tends to have a cheaper look to it, so make sure to choose a high-quality satin that looks nice and costly. If the satin skirt you have in mind only costs $7.50 at full price, it's probably not the one you want.

5. Long camel/beige coat

Pair them with jeans and a black tee, your black dress, or an all-ivory ensemble underneath for an elevated look.

Psst, I have a whole blog post on camel coats and how to find the perfect one for you! Links are provided so you can shop the suggested ones. Check it out: 10 Timeless Camel Coats for Fall and Winter 2020

6. Sunglasses

Find the perfect pair of sunnies for your face shape. Cat-eye sunglasses tend to uplift your face giving you a more exotic, high-fashion look.

While the super skinny, '90s supermodel glasses are in right now, they won't be a timeless addition to your collection. So be sure to invest the bulk of your money in this category in a timeless shape that won't go out of style.

7. Signature scent

I absolutely adore Chanel N5. I've been using this scent now for a couple years, and I'm not stopping anytime soon.

It has such a classic smell to it, and I feel like a million dollars every time I spray it on.

Pick a scent that goes well with your personality. If you're fun and vibrant, maybe pick something fruity! If you're quiet and somber, pick something a little darker smelling. Your personality should extend into your favorite perfume.

Scents are the easiest thing to buy affordably because it really doesn't matter how expensive the perfume is. You can find an affordable perfume that smells amazing just as easily as a designer perfume. Now I'm sure there are some pretty horrible smelling perfumes out there. Don't get me wrong. But it's the easiest thing on this list to buy without spending much money.

8. Tennis bracelet

How elegant is a dainty wrist with a tennis bracelet on it? I often wear a tennis bracelet as my only jewelry (except for my wedding ring).

My tennis bracelet is made of cubic zirconias, and it's so beautiful. Maybe one day I'll get one with real diamonds, but I'm more than content with the one I own. It was purchased on Amazon and was less than $100! It's amazingly high-quality. I also have the matching earrings which make an adorable duo.

Make sure to not wear your diamonds in the morning. They're more suitable for an evening party. I try not to wear mine before 5 pm. Pearls can easily take their place if you need a morning piece.

9. Gold accessories

Gold accessories are a must! If you can, try to invest in some real gold. Personally, my skin is allergic to lower-quality metals, so I tend to have to purchase good kind. But, if you are buying fake gold, avoid getting it wet or it might turn your skin green!

I think small, gold hoops are such a classic piece of jewelry. I've actually broken one of my own rules because I don't actually own gold hoops yet (!). But I've known I've needed some for a long time, I just haven't taken that plunge yet. It will definitely be the next piece of jewelry I buy!


If you have some of these items missing, don't lose any time on remedying that!

I'd love to hear your comments about other staples every elegant wardrobe needs. This won't be the only post I do on this topic, so I'd love to know other possibilities to include for the future.

Thanks for reading! Have you read my post Everything You Need to Know about Jade Face Rolling?

See you there!


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