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Cozy Fall Bedroom Update

This post may contain affiliate links. I try to list and link most products/items I use in my posts in the hopes that my readers can easily find the same or similar items for their own use!

Happy October!

We moved into our new house last November (of 2021), and the last 11 months has been a haze of repainting and redoing... and sometimes redoing what we just redid. (laugh cry - you know what I mean).

I'm starting a new series of posts that cover room-by-room before and afters of our home, and I've decided to start with our master bedroom! Since it's fall, I turned it into a fall bedroom styled shoot for inspiration in your own homes.

(In the future, I plan to invest in a nice camera that will take aaaahmazing home photos, so I apologize for the less-than-professional looking pics here. But it was still a blast to do!)

There's a beautiful mantle in the master bedroom, but no fireplace (?) SOO naturally, we opted to put our bed under it. Mantles can really add character to a less-than-exciting bed frame. I chose a print of the painting "Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast" by Albert Bierstadt to grace the center.

(Topiaries: Here | Bierstadt print: Here )

My favorite artist has always been Thomas Gainsborough, so I really wanted to incorporate some of his pieces into our home. I framed this one "The Mall in St. James's Park" to add warmth to the walls.

This leather bucket bag is actually Wolf's diaper bag currently! I keep it in our bedroom because it's always handy to have close by. The color really brings out the warmth in the rest of the textiles and is exactly my kind of eye candy. Pretty sure I'll be using it as my main purse here soon...

Tyler's dad brought home a beautiful handmade rug from one of his travels east, so I don't have a link for this rug, unfortunately. It's old, but so beautiful and an amazing piece to our room.

I nabbed these waffle knit slippers from Pottery Barn on clearance for 9$! I always check the clearance section of the Pottery Barn website, I've gotten some great pieces this way. Who wants to pay full price if they don't have to - especially on PB. That website/store makes my heart beat way faster than it should.

(Gainsborough print: Here | Bucket bag: Here | Slippers: Here)

I'm a sucker for a lot of things, but one of those things would definitely be bedding. I could buy it all day long. I love the challenge of mixing and matching all my linens to create those cozy stay-at-home feelings. Mmmmm. This throw pillow was the perfect accent for our fall bedroom, and it paired beautifully with the washed cotton duvet cover and ivory floral sheets.

Baby Wolf loves this throw pillow pattern. He just stares and stares at it whenever we're snuggling in the mornings!

Quick duvet tip! I actually have two inserts inside, it makes the end result way more appealing, and you'll thank yourself on those chilly fall and winter nights. I keep a king size duvet on our queen size bed so that the covers reach farther down. It's just my personal preference!

(Sheets: Here | Duvet: Here | Duvet insert: Here | Throw pillow cover: Here)

I have two euro pillows as well as a body pillow behind our standard queen pillows. The euro pillow cases are linen and came from Pottery Barn (another clearance find, because I'm not in the habit of spending $60+ per pillow case...yikes!) These exact ones are no longer in stock, but I've attached some similar ones farther down.

These diptyque candles are floating around all over social media, and I've found that once they've run their course, they make excellent trinket holders! I keep this one beside the bed to hold hair elastics.

I decided to keep my more opaque curtains on the left side of my windows, and I keep a more-transparent, linen-style curtain panel on the right side. We can easily slide them back and forth depending on the the window coverage needs of the moment. We use the fuller coverage panels at night to keep out passing lights, and I switch them in the morning to the other side to let in all the morning sunlight! And I think they look lovely half and half as well.

(Euro cases: Here | Body pillow: Here | Body pillow case: Here | Print curtains: Here | Linen style curtains: Here)

I really love anything with a blue china or toile pattern (as you'll see in my upcoming laundry room post!), and I recently purchased a tea set to fit that obsession. I use it all the time and take the tea cups and saucers all over the house!

Our dresser is pretty old, but we gave it a face lift with black paint and new brass hardware from Amazon. The olive branches are from Walmart, and the tall vase is from TJMaxx. I have an antique mirror on the dresser as well that has a twin at my aunt's house.

(The print on the dresser is another piece by Thomas Gainsborough entitled "The Hon. Mrs. Thomas Graham")

My little photo helper was getting pretty restless by the end of things... I had to break and put him down for a nap before I could finish taking my photos. :)

At the end of the bed, I keep a folded quilt. Sometimes we prefer this to the heavier duvet while sleeping. It depends on the temperature that night.

Our new bedroom area rug didn't really make it into any of the pictures, but I'm attaching it right here! The slight, neutral blues pair really beautifully with the warmth of the curtains and bedding.

(Quilt: Here | Standing jewelry armoire: Here | Rug: Here)

Thanks for reading the fall master bedroom update! Stay tuned for more room by room updates from our new house.



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