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Eight Elegant Jewelry Staples you Need to Own

Every classy woman needs to have certain wardrobe staples in her closet, and the same applies to her jewelry box! Here are my top 8 classy jewelry staples every elegant woman needs to own.

jewelry every woman needs to own

It's important to note that if your budget allows for it, these pieces should be of high quality and value. Steer clear of quality-cheap items that will tarnish or turn your skin green. They should look high end, ladies, quality shows! Slowly replace or obtain these items high-quality if you don't already own such pieces. You don't have to buy a Rolex to have a high-quality watch, there are great pieces for nearly every budget. I'll include suggestions for reputable pieces you can shop for directly through the links attached!

Disclaimer (because it's 2022 and apparently you need those everywhere now): I am by no means saying you're not an elegant woman if you don't own any or all of these pieces. By all means, own the jewelry you want to own, if any at all. These are just my top 8 elegant picks that a jewelry box would be all the better for owning if the woman desires to up her elegance-game. Enjoy!

1. Elegant & Feminine Watch

dainty feminine wrist watch

There's almost nothing more elegant than a dainty wristwatch with a beautiful gold band. With so many different styles to try, there's a dainty wristwatch to fit any woman's taste. Here are a few of my personal choices:

2. Small Gold Hoops

small gold hoop earrings

I love a pair of simple gold hoops. Ideally, they should be around the size of a US penny. You can go a little larger as well, but avoid large gaudy hoops if you want to appear elegant. In many cases, the simpler something is, the more expensive and elegant it looks.

3. Tennis Bracelet

diamond tennis bracelet

My favorite piece of all! A tennis bracelet can elevate any outfit instantly, and dare I even mention the sparkles it makes in the car while you're driving and the sun hits it just right? My favorite driving distraction. I would suggest real or lab-created diamonds set in a precious metal for the best look.

4. Diamond Studs

diamond stud earrings

Just like the gold hoops, stud size doesn't outrank quality. I would opt for some small real or lab-created diamond studs that will look much more elegant than large obviously-fake "rocks". Aim for the pieces that will make you look more expensive, not cheaper.

5. Dainty Gold Layering Necklaces

gold layering necklaces

There are so many directions you can go with this one! I love a good 2-3 piece layered look, but a simple elegant chain by itself is also a bombshell of a statement when paired with the right outfit.

6. Elegant Rings

elegant gold rings

This explains itself pretty much. If you're married or typically wear a ring that has some importance to you, you can always match the metal color with the other rings you pair with it. Many times, I'll just wear my wedding ring, but sometimes I do prefer to layer elegant and dainty rings with it as well.

beaded stacking gold ring
Mejuri - Beaded Ring $85

7. Simple Gold Bracelet

simple gold bangle bracelet

Cartier, anyone?

8. Pearl Set

pearl earring necklace set

Pearls can really elevate an ensemble, but there are some pearl guidelines to take into consideration when choosing your jewelry for the day. Pearls are typically worn in the first half of the day, but that doesn't necessarily mean they can't be worn with an evening dress as well. Jewelry etiquette of a former time would dictate pearls being worn in the morning/early afternoon and diamonds being worn at night. And while this doesn't necessarily have to be the case anymore, it's still an elegant rule to take into consideration.

Younger ladies, go for pearls that are smaller rather than larger. Larger pearls can make a woman seem older than she is. Small pearls are more age appropriate (and more affordable) for the younger crowd, while experienced women can pull off the larger baubles much more effectively.

jewelry every woman needs to own


To wrap this post up, you should also have an assortment of jewelry that depicts who you are as a woman. I have many pieces in my collection other than the 8 suggestions given here. The main thing is being able to show who you are (and your history) by the jewelry you wear. So have fun with it, and make sure to not wear too many pieces all at once.



jewelry every woman needs to own
jewelry every woman needs to own


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