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Evermore Edition: Margot Robbie's White Skirt Outfit from "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

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When I saw this outfit Margot Robbie wore in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I knew immediately I had to copy it and share it with you all.

Iconic 1960s actress Sharon Tate (who Robbie portrayed in the 2019 movie) wore her white go-go boots as a staple. And while I find them to be super cute, I chose to go with a more modern style boot. The shaft on the boots I chose doesn't go up quite so high onto the leg, and the heel is a couple of inches higher.

The skirt Robbie wears in the movie looks to be more of a leather material (and Tate's wardrobe consisted of a similar one in white leather). I chose to not use a leather skirt but instead went with a classic cotton skirt from Express with a pleat in the front. Which I actually started liking more than the original!

Here are the pieces I purchased and where you can get them! Click the photos to shop.

I purchased these boots in a size 9 and found them to be true to size. The quality was fantastic. They're thick, sturdy, and surprisingly comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The inside is lined with a soft fleece, which makes them perfect for the winter and fall. The slight weave texture also gives the smallest addition of detail to an outfit devoid of print or much texture.

This sweater is nearly identical to the one I was trying to copy! It hugs the figure, and the vertical stripes elongate the torso. I purchased it in XS. The quality of the garment is excellent. It's thick and looks high-quality. This was sold out for a while before I was able to purchase. So when it's available, grab one!

The skirt I wore in the pictures is a white mini pleated skirt from Express, but it is no longer sold on their website. I found a very similar option here. It's from Zara, and it's vegan leather which looks like the original!

In addition to a classic Chanel bag and blowout hairstyle, this completes the look! I think a classic 60s cat eye would be an adorable add on. Have fun with it!


I'll have more copycat outfits coming soon, and don't forget to subscribe!


copycat outfit margot robbie once upon a time in hollywood
copycat outfit margot robbie once upon a time in hollywood


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