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JW PEI Mini Flap Bag Review

This is not a sponsored post.

JW PEI is known for it's cruelty-free and vegan leather handbags. After seeing ads for this all over the place, I decided to check it out and see what the commotion was about.

I purchased the "Mini Flap Bag" in Brown Croc. Which is one of the most iconic models and colors I've seen. I was drawn in by the attractive strap length and overall structured look of the bag. I love a bag with good structure, and this didn't disappoint me.

Does it hold up to all the hype? Here's what I think.




The details of this bag (as according to the website) are:

  • Croc-Embossed Vegan Leather

  • 100% Recycled Plastic Lining

  • 7.9'' W × 6.1'' D × 3.1'' H (20cm x 15.5cm x 8cm)

  • 16.9''(43cm)Handle Drop

  • Detachable Strap (Unadjustable)

  • Gold Hardware

  • Push-Lock Closure

  • 2 Interior Pockets

  • 1 Zipping Pocket

The details of the bag are very good, very high-quality feeling. I expected to find some traces of poor workmanship, but I couldn't find any. The stitching is perfect, no loose threads anywhere, a dustbag was included, the box it came in is sturdy and stylish, the gold hardware is exquisite, and the vegan leather is thick and made of great materials. I was extremely surprised to find that this reasonably-priced shoulder bag holds its own right up there with the most well known and praised brands.

The space on the inside of the bag actually hits the sweet spot. It's large enough to hold a phone, keys, cardholder, and has more space for extras like a compact mirror, lipgloss, and other things. It's not so big to get in the way, yet big enough to hold what you need it to hold. The compartments in the bag keep the items from fumbling together into a frustrating mess.

This is, hands down, one of the most practical and easy-to-access bags I have. I'm really excited to carry this around for a while because I won't have to fumble with chain straps or awkward clasps.

The clasp that is included is a simple click lock, and to undo it you squeeze the hardware a bit. It pops up effortlessly and doesn't require much work at all. You could easily do it one-handed. That's what I love about this bag. It's like the oldest child, pretty darn self-sufficient.

The length of the strap allows the bag to hit right around the belly button and below. This is the perfect spot for me, because I don't like how some bags hang so low that it's awkward to get into them. Yet it's long enough to not have to take the bag off your shoulder to access the inside.

The brown croc color has the slightest burgundy tint to it. Which is often the case.




The bag isn't very expensive to begin with (as far as handbags go). It was around $99 for starters. I've seen and been offered so many coupons that I ended up only paying $50.40 for mine including shipping.

For the quality this bag delivers and the accessibility of it, it's definitely not overpriced. I would expect to pay every bit of $99 for this purse. That makes it even sweeter that I paid half price!




Delivery said it would take 15-20 days for shipping once the order was made, but I received the bag within a week of ordering it. So there must be a warehouse in the US that ships from there. I was expecting to wait 3 weeks to get this, so I was extremely happy with the shipping time!

The box itself was wrapped in thick plastic, and there was no damage to the box whatsoever when I took the shipping plastic off. I'm sure this would vary depending on the roughness of the postal service, but mine came in perfect condition. The quality of the box would require a special force to hurt it. It's a thick box.


My Rating


I give this bag 5 stars. I didn't mean to at the beginning. I bought this bag with the feeling that it would be a 3-star bag, but I have to say I was taken aback. I highly recommend this purse, and I'm probably going to buy a few more from JW PEI.

Thanks for reading! More product reviews coming soon!



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