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Mario Badescu Sensitive Skin Regimen Review

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Recently, Mario Badescu products have taken the country by storm. But are the products worth the hype?

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Mario Badescu Review

I've had sensitive skin all my life, and I can't just go putting anything on my face. The swelling, irritation, and redness is terrible once this skin is upset.

So naturally, once I started seeing all the Mario Badescu ads, I wanted to know if the sensitive skincare line would do the same things to my face that many other "sensitive skin" products did.

This is for all you sensitive skinners out there. I tried it out so you don't have to. Was it worth it?

Read on!


Review of Price


I was quite impressed with the price of the entire sensitive skin regimen line. For 5 products, it was only $85, and I got free samples and trials with the order as well. I also used an offer code and only paid around $60 for it in the end. Overall, I was very happy with the price, but the real test came with trying the products out.

Overall, it's comparable to going to the local drugstore and picking up a new skincare product. Maybe priced a little higher, but not much.


Length of Trial


I've been faithfully using the line for over 4 weeks now, and I feel like It's been a sufficient amount of time to really see how it's working for my skin.

It took around a week or two to see any changes, but I didn't expect a miracle overnight.


Quick Overview


If I had to rate this skincare regimen from 1-10 on effectiveness, I would give it an honest 7. The products were true to their claim, they truly are good for sensitive skin. I had no issues with irritation or redness, even after putting all the products on one right after the other. Read on for an explanation of my overall rating.

Let's dive into each product.

The line came with 5 products like I already mentioned, and those products I'll list right here.

  1. Cream Soap (cleanser)

  2. Chamomile Cleansing Lotion (toner)

  3. Chamomile Eye Cream

  4. Oil-Free Moisturizer

  5. Chamomile Night Cream

Mario Badescu Review

Below is a detailed review of each individual product by itself.


Individual Product Reviews


1. Cream Soap

The consistency of this product is like most cleansers. It's about the thickness of hand soap, and the wonderful thing about it is that it has a pearly sheen to it, which makes it look luxurious and beautiful in your hand. This might not go for much with some people, but I'm a lover of all things beautiful, and if something is shimmery I like it.

However, I noticed that this didn't get the makeup off my face very well. I expect my cleanser to at least take off 70% of the initial makeup and dirt, and this didn't seem to cut through the surface. I had to use it along with my Elizabeth Arden Cleanser to get my makeup off.

I found that it's best used in the morning when I didn't have to remove a layer of makeup.

I don't think I'll purchase the cream soap again. It's pretty and doesn't irritate the skin, but I expected a little more cutting power than it has. I will say that my skin does look very clean and smooth, however, so that has to count for something.

2. Chamomile Cleansing Lotion

I was very impressed with this toner. It was gentle, tightened my skin, and lifted off the remaining grime and dirt that the cleanser left behind. It also has a pleasant chamomile smell, and I felt good about putting it on my face.

It left my face feeling tight, clean, and ready for the moisturizer. I would consider buying this again when my supply is gone. This is one of my favorite parts of the regimen.

I apply this toner with cotton rounds.

3. Chamomile Eye Cream

The eye cream has the same pleasant smell as the cleansing lotion. And I really felt like it did its job well. I use it in the morning and before I go to bed.

The area around my eyes feels tight and hydrated all day. I've lost the tired and dry look that I had there for a while before using this. It now looks more glowing, plump, and healthy.

This was my favorite product of the set by far.

The consistency is interesting. It's between a beeswax feel and a lotion feel. A little goes a long way, so I know this product will last me for quite some time. It has a slight pink/tan color to it as well.

4. Oil-Free Moisturizer

This moisturizer is a game-changer. It's light, fluffy, and spreadable. Then it soaks in super quickly, which I take is because of the absence of any oils. I absolutely love this moisturizer, and I will continue to buy it.

I use this moisturizer on clean skin right before my makeup application. I apply a green makeup primer (post about my favorite green makeup primer right here) after this moisturizer, and the combination is beautiful.

I highly recommend this product. The bottle is a little on the small size, but I was surprised at how little product I need to cover my face and neck.

The smell is very minimal and unobtrusive. I know it's not full of perfumes.

This moisturizer is available with and without SPF, so if you're looking for SPF in your routine, either use a separate SPF product or buy this moisturizer with it in there already.

5. Chamomile Night Cream

The night cream keeps my skin feeling hydrated even through the next morning. It's gentle and doesn't cause any irritation or redness whatsoever.

The consistency is lighter and fluffier than the eye cream, and it's easily scooped onto the finger for application. A little goes a long way, so you don't have to use a ton to cover the face and neck.

It does not leave any oily feel on the skin, which I appreciate. It seems to soak in well and not remain on the surface. My silk pillowcase is thankful I'm sure.


Concluding Thoughts


The reason for my 7/10 star rating is because I felt that I could get the same results with cheaper products, but I'm nonetheless impressed with the effectiveness and gentleness of this regimen altogether.

I have to give MB a big shout out for making their website so user-friendly. They have all their skincare regimens organized into categories, making it super simple to find the perfect products for your skin type.

I would buy most of these products again, with the exception of the cream soap cleanser. I do feel that it was worth my time and money to use this, and I encourage those of you with really sensitive skin to give it a shot.

Thanks for reading!

Mario Badescu Review
Mario Badescu Review


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