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My Life - September 2020 Review

As September is already halfway over, I'm ready to make this monthly blog post, and I have so many things to share!

Topic points in September 2020 My Life post

  • Launching the Evermore blog

  • Our 2 year wedding anniversary

  • Travel diary

  • What I've been wearing this month

  • September beauty habits

  • Summary


Launching the Evermore Blog


In September 2020, I finally launched my long-time dream of owning and writing my own blog. I really should have done this 10 years ago when I first had the idea,

I'm not going to say how easy and simple it was, because there was literally nothing easy or simple about it. The concept is simple, yes, but the logistics are killer. I feel like everything that is "so easy" to, apparently, 99% of the population was exceedingly difficult and frustrating to me. At nearly every turn I was on Youtube attempting to locate the most minute and unheard-of solutions to problems that were very possibly only problems for me.

So if you've ever written a blog post entitled "How to start a blog in 5 minutes"...I would highly suggest you add to the title in parentheses "for people who are computer experts already". That's all.


It's been very rewarding. When you stick something out through the really hard stuff, you start to reap the good stuff, and I'm so happy I stuck with it and didn't quit. Even when I was crying at my desk because nobody would explain to me what a widget was. Yeah, there were tears involved.

Given the opportunity, I would do it again.

Do hard things. If they were easy, everyone would do them.


Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary


Tyler and I celebrated two years of being married on the 21st. We kept it simple and sweet this year. A weekend to one of our favorite small towns about 2 hours away was the perfect getaway.

We ate at some chic uptown eateries and had coffee more times than I can count. My favorite place was a seafood place right on the Ohio River.

He also surprised me with a set of pearls that I've been wanting for a long time.

Something that drove me crazy the entire weekend was that our car was so dirty on the outside! And there were no car washes around, so it kind of killed me every time we got in and out. He got pretty tired of hearing me say how gross our car looked, haha!

We treated ourselves by buying a Nintendo Switch and some games and brought them back to our hotel room. Yep, you heard me!


Travel Diary


I mentioned we traveled to one of our favorite small towns for a weekend getaway. Madison, Indiana is beautiful this time of year. And if you're ever there, you need to visit Clifty Falls State Park at the same time.

We hiked, ate, drank coffee, shopped, and relaxed on our balcony overlooking the Ohio River. We even got to watch some boat races that were going on the same weekend. It was sweet, sublime, and so relaxing. (I highly recommend Rivercrest Marina Restaurant.)

The hotel we stayed in sits high on a hill and gives the perfect view of the town and river. The hotel boasts of having housed Frank Sinatra for a couple of weeks during the filming of "Some Came Running" in 1958.

The drive is only about 2 hours from where we live, and we listened to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the way. Do you have books that you read or listen to at a certain time of the year? September is the month that we break out the Harry Potter series. It's just kind of perfect.


What I've Been Wearing this Month


If you've been anywhere near my Instagram account, you'll know I've been a little too obsessed with my duster cardigans this month. I've been religiously wearing my ivory and camel dusters almost daily. My top 10 September wardrobe pieces:

  1. Duster cardigans

  2. White button-up linen shirt

  3. Neutral-pink slip-on tennis shoes

  4. Calvin Klein neutral slip-on block heels

  5. Louis Vuitton Chantilly PM bag

  6. Gray crop sweatshirt

  7. White fitted tee shirts

  8. White slip-on tennis shoes

  9. Black strappy kitten heels

  10. Skinny jeans with 27" inseam - Levi's

You'll see all these pieces scattered all over my September pics. :)


September Beauty Habits


Face Rolling

I've started up face rolling in September, and let me say that I had no idea how much I was going to get into this when I started.

I started it as an experiment to see if it "worked", and I got hooked immediately.

I use a rose quartz face roller and pure rosehip oil from Radha Beauty. This is a nightly routine.

I also do it in the morning if my face is puffy (from eating carbs too late the night before). The swelling goes down quite a bit.

Want to read my post dedicated to face rolling? Catch up on it right here!

Hair Texture Spray

I got into using texture spray this month, and I'm a huge fan! My current favorite texture spray is OGX Sugar High Tousle Spray. Check out this blog post on my texture spray routine here.




Coming to the end of September is always an interesting feeling for me. I'm looking forward to the fall months but still holding on to the summer days. I like it because you can do both in September.

This month I've been truly thankful for family and cherishing the time we have together. I'm also thankful for Tyler and the love we have for each other. He's my favorite person on Earth, and I still get tickled to think we actually got married!

It all feels so new even still.

Here's to a beautiful month come and gone, and I'm looking forward to October!



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