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New Bathroom Cabinet Before and After

This post may contain affiliate links. I only suggest products I use and that have personally worked for me, I will never put forward or suggest bad products or products I haven't tested for myself. Thanks for supporting the blog!

Easy Bathroom Cabinet/Toiletries Makeover

A month ago, I'd had enough with my toiletries cabinet. There it was - hectic, messy, packaging colors all over the place. Definitely NOT that elevated and elegant space that I'd seen on social media. So I got on amazon and changed that. I went from this to this in just a couple hours.

Here's how I did it and the products I used!

It was so messy looking before that I actually had covered the glass in the cabinet to prevent the crazy from being seen. I was satisfied with that for a while until my love for all things beautiful took over. I turned the cabinet I hated the most into the one I loved the most. Now I love getting into it every day!

Here's what I did...

1. I re-bottled all my liquid products (non spray can products) into pretty amber cosmetic bottles. I used these bottles right here on Amazon for only $19!

Instead of keeping all my liquid products in the original bottles, I chose some products to put into these bottles and then label them with sticky labels I made myself. I kept the nicer looking bottles in their own packaging.

2. I re-bottled all my powder/solid products into clear, black-lid containers. I used these containers right here on Amazon for only $7!

I put my solid or powder products into clear containers and labeled them with matching sticky tags. You could even save clear containers from empty products and reuse them instead of buying new. I wish I would have saved the clear containers and reused them for this project, but I throw everything away. Whoops.

3. I used this sticky label paper to make and print labels for my new cosmetic bottles.

I used a simple computer program to make the labels with a simple black border, but you can even hand label your new bottles for a nice look!

5. I topped off my new cabinet by splurging on a new amber-scented bathroom candle...this one from Diptyque!


These are the products I moved from their original packaging into the new bottles/containers:

Facial cleanser

Clay mask (powder)

Face Serum (my own concoction)

Bug spray

Micellar water

Acne spot gel

Hair volume powder

Heat protectant spray

Retinol capsules

Obviously products in aerosol bottles couldn't be moved over. So I suggest buying a kind that you like the look of OR just storing those in a different spot. My hairspray and dry shampoo are now under the cabinet...

If I had any product left over, I saved the bottles in a concealed cabinet and will replace as necessary. This only happened like twice, though.

I spent maybe 2-3 hours on the whole project. Switching containers, making tags. cutting them out, etc...

An easy afternoon project.

Thanks for reading!


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