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New China Cabinet (From Old) Only $40

I recently repurposed an old china cabinet that I got for free! The only money I sank into it was some black latex paint (right here) and some new brass hardware to update the look to be trendier. Keep reading for the process!

The end result is so good, it really looks high end and adds some subtle glamor to my dining room. :)

The before and after speaks for itself.

Before: Definitely a fixer-upper
During: You can see a bit of the taping of the glass
After: Painted, top panels removed, shelves on top

What I did
  1. Removed all top panels (they were held in place by about 4-6 screws each)

  2. Removed hardware on bottom panels

  3. Took all glass shelves out

  4. Taped the glass panels to keep paint off them

  5. Cleaned the wood

  6. Lightly sanded the wood using a light grit sandpaper (by hand - no fancy sanding here. Basically as little effort as I could have put in, that's what I did)

  7. Using a black interior/exterior latex paint (right here) I lightly painted one coat onto the wood using a wide bristle brush to create a wood grain look. I only went for one coat because I wanted the base wood color to slightly show through and add some depth to the color, I'm so happy I did this because it adds a dimension I would have lost had I used two coats.

  8. After drying, removed all tape from glass and scraped off any paint using a razor blade.

  9. Installed the new brass hardware (right here)

  10. Put the glass shelves back in.

  11. Decorated!

Materials Used

  • This paint right here from Rustoleum. I used the 8oz. can and had PLENTY left over since I only used one very light coating.

  • This hardware here from Amazon. They came in a pack of 10, and I only needed 2.

Brass Hardware in the 3" size from Amazon

Semi-gloss latex paint in black by Rustoleum

You can read all about the rest of the dining room makeover right here.

Thanks for reading! Message me if you have any questions about the process I didn't include.


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