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e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Green Face Primer: An Unexpected Must-Have

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e.l.f. products are known for being very affordable (dare I say cheap), and with them being so cheap, it's really a wonder that they pack the kind of quality punch that they do.

Green face primer is the key for people who have redness issues in their skin. The green pigment counteracts the red in the skin - evening it out and creating a neutral base to build makeup on. Or, wear it by itself!

This tone adjusting green face primer by e.l.f. is by far the best green face primer I've ever tried. And I've tried the expensive high-end ones as well. This little bottle holds its own against the most established and praised makeup brands.

It has a silky texture that allows a tiny bit to cover your entire face. Makeup glides on over it, and the end result is perfection.

The consistency is somewhat like a mousse when it comes out, sort of fluffy and aired. It has little to no smell that I can detect.

Click the link here to buy it!


For the price, it boggles my mind that something so affordable can so outperform high-end primers. This is my forever green primer. Try it out for yourself and see.

To apply, I simply pump a small amount onto clean fingertips and apply over my skin after cleansing and moisturizing.

I find that my foundation lasts all day with this primer, and the redness is kept at a minimum.


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