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How To Look Like You Have It All Together (Even if You Don't)

Honestly, there's no one on earth who's perfect. There are people who look perfect, but even they don't have every single aspect of their life in perfect order. It's not possible. Really, if you were perfect, I doubt it would make people like you very much. Having weaknesses is human and being vulnerable about our struggles can really help build relationships and encourage other people.


...there's nothing wrong with looking put together. I personally love the "polished" look. If you know me, you'll know I'm the first one to admit I don't have it all together.

But that being said, here are some tips to help you fake it 'til you make it!

1. Always have manicured nails - hands and feet!

manicured nails, nails, hands, women hands, woman nails, manicure

Fingers and toes! It doesn't matter if you have them professionally done or do them yourself so long as they're clean and filed. Even adding a clear coat of polish (if you're not into colored nails) looks really elegant. I wouldn't say polish is absolutely necessary, because as long as your nails are shaped and clean, then you're good. I would suggest a pedicure monthly to keep your heels and pads of your feet soft and pretty.

Tip: Moisturize your feet well at night and sleep with socks on. Your feet will be so soft and pretty in the morning!

2. Carry a structured bag

black handbag, black louisvuitton handbag, black womens handbag, black purse, black louis vuitton purse, black bag

You don't have to spend the big bucks on a bag to get one that looks great! Make sure it holds its shape and doesn't have much (or any!) wear and tear. It should also be up to date and/or timeless. No good carrying around a trendy bag that was tacky 5 years ago.

3. Don't be flustered or hurried when you speak

When you converse with people, speak slowly and with confidence. You'll convince them you're absolutely at-ease even if you're not. If someone asks you a question that catches you off guard, say "I'll have to think about that" instead of "umm...well...I think...".

4. Do your hair

Don't always go for the messy bun because you don't feel like brushing your hair (guilty!). Go for well-groomed hairstyles and tame the flyaways.

5. Always wear clean shoes

My go-to recipe for cleaning my tennis shoes is to douse them in stain remover and wash them in a hot cycle - then let them air dry.

6. Move in a graceful way

This one is simple to do, really. Start by slowing down your movements altogether if you tend to move quickly and jerkily (like me). Practice it for minutes at a time throughout the day. Take a deep breath, slow down, and take your time with moving intentionally and not just busily.

7. Tailor your clothes - or have them tailored

I harp on this one so much. Taking the time to ensure your clothes fit you properly is a huge chunk of looking put together. It's worth the money to have a local tailor customize some of your wardrobe pieces. Or, if you have a good hand on sewing, learn how to do it yourself.

8. Have an established skincare routine

Have you read my post "toxin-free skin care routine"? Check it out!

9. Have go-to signature makeup routines

girl, makeup, girl with makeup on, red lipstick. smokey eye, blonde hair

It's a good idea to have a regular day-time, evening, and special occasion makeup look. Get yourself a notebook and write down the routines that make you look amazing! Invest in high-quality products.

10. Set boundaries on your time

Your time is important, and you should have boundaries set for yourself. Mainly so you don't end up over-booked, over-stressed, and (sometimes) under-appreciated. Make sure you have plenty of time for what you need and want to be doing.

For me, I set boundaries for myself so I have plenty of time at home. I love being at home and taking care of the house, but if I'm signed up for too much, I'll end up never doing what I need to do and then despising the thing I signed up for! Make time boundaries and stick to them.

11. Make use of good accessories

Show your personality with your accessories! Wearing accessories shows you took enough time to get dressed and take care of yourself for the day. A dainty gold chain or tennis bracelet is my favorite way to accessorize!

12. Keep your eyebrows impeccably groomed

You can make it part of your daily skin routine to tweeze extra hairs around your eyebrows. Getting them waxed every few weeks is also necessary in many cases. I do both!

I've always said to myself "you only feel as good as your eyebrows look." And it's true for me!

13. Stay on top of your hygiene game

14. Have a beautiful (and white) smile

15. Wear your signature scent

16. Be kind to everyone - even if you don't like them

17. Don't gossip

You've probably heard the saying "What Susy says about Sally says more of Susy than Sally". Gossiping feels as ugly as it is. It might feel good in the moment, but only after it tears someone else apart. Try to speak of everyone as if they're in the room and listening.

It doesn't seem like gossiping is part of looking like you have it all together, but it actually is. When you gossip, you sort of give yourself away and perhaps reveal something you envy about someone else. It doesn't make you look good, self-assured, or confident.

Take it a step further and speak well and highly of other people to your friends. This is part of having a beautiful personality that attracts people rather than repelling them. It also makes you look confident in yourself. When you can spare amazing compliments and encouraging remarks about other people, it shows that you're not desperate.


Do you have any other tips on looking put together? Share them!

Until then, make sure to subscribe to the Evermore newsletter. Xoxo



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