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Jade Face Rollers - What Do They Really Do?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Here's what you need to know about face rollers. Should you add it to your skin care routine? Read on!

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I might get a small commission based off any purchases made from suggestions in this post. I only promote products I use and love, and I would never suggest a product that I think is a waste of money or bad-quality.

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You've probably seen all the hype recently about jade face rollers. What are they? What do they do? Do they actually work?

At first, they seem sort of gimmicky (at least they did to me), but here's what you need to know about them, what they really do, and if they're worth it!

What facial rollers actually do...

Face rollers promote healthy blood flow to the face

Why is this important?

Blood flow to the face is actually a catalyst for so many amazing things to happen to your skin! It's so important.

  1. Increased blood flow kick-starts the lymphatic drainage in your face and actually detoxes your skin. This flushes out waste and toxins. Waste and toxin build up can encourage puffiness, fine lines, and breakouts!

  2. Increased blood flow reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eye.

  3. Increased blood flow significantly reduces inflammation.

Face rollers calm and soothe facial inflammation

Ever woken up and your face is super puffy? That's a trick question, we know you have.

  1. Facial rollers, because of increased blood flow, reduce puffiness and inflammation. When you wake up and your face looks like a balloon, whip out the face roller!

  2. The calming and cooling effect of the jade actually soothes and cools your skin, aiding in the de-inflammation process. Just like adding ice to a swollen ankle, adding a cooling stone to your face does just the same thing.

Face rollers stimulate the collagen production in your face!

There must be a good reason why people continuously spend $100+ on facial massage...

Collagen is very important to the youth, glow, and healthiness of your skin.

  1. The more we age, the less collagen our skin produces. The lack of collagen creates those lines we all try to avoid.

  2. Not enough collagen is part of the reason skin gets super dry.

  3. Collagen may benefit the overall hydration of the face as well.

Face rollers significantly reduce tension and muscle stress

I've become obsessed with rolling my face at night before bed. It relaxes me like nothing else!

  1. One of the most harmful things a woman can have too much of is stress. Something mental doesn't seem like it could play such a huge role in the physical, but it absolutely does.

  2. De-stressing is absolutely necessary for your overall well being and your beauty.

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My favorite facial roller routine!

My go-to nightly facial roller rouine consists of my rose quartz facial roller and this rose hip oil.

1. Apply a few drops of oil on my face.

I absolutely love this rose hip oil and 100% recommend it. I've used it for well over a year and multiple times daily.

2. Roll in upward stokes around my face and jawline with the roller.

This is an amazing jade roller to use.

3. Listen to soothing music - I love my local classical and jazz music stations.

4. Use this eucalyptus oil in my diffuser for an additional relaxation boost.

This is the purest eucalyptus oil I've found.

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Is jade face rolling something I should be doing?

In my opinion, it's something we should have been doing last year. It's never too late to promote beautiful skin from the inside out. I would highly suggest you give it a try!


Have you had success with a facial rolling routine?

You should give my favorite routine a shot and see how you like it. It's worth it for the relaxation if for nothing else (but I firmly believe it has many skin benefiting qualities as well).

Leave a comment about other beauty products and routines you'd like to know about!


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