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Our First Dining Room Reveal

Updated: Jan 10

Here's the way I pieced together our first dining room (after 5 years of being married)!

You guys, it's been a minute. A hot minute. And I've been racking my brains on some new content to share. I've done so many new things in our home, most of it DIY (sometimes I do weird things), and today's post is about our new dining room reveal!

Don't get the idea that I went out and spent $$$ on a new dining set, side table, china cabinet, etc....because I did not. The only things I purchased in our dining room are a bench ($150), 2 chairs ($164), and various small trinkets ($50 approx). I think that's all. The rest of it has been given to us and repurposed or painted. I call it a dining room reveal, but really it's only a piecing together of items we've had for forever and just haven't put to good use yet.

I've been married for 5 years and this is the FIRST time we've had an official dining room with an actual table and actual chairs. I'm laughing so hard at us right now. When we first got married, we had our parents over for dinner and used boxes, a piano bench, and an office chair for our guests' seating. It wasn't exactly a 5 star experience.

So, because most of our dining room has been repurposed, I don't have links to the majority of the furniture. But I've curated a list of products on Amazon that are relatively close to my items. This post is solely to give you inspiration and ideas for your own homes (if you have a similar taste) so I hope the links and the photos are helpful to you!

Items on Amazon I purchased:

Large high-back bench: here

Upholstered dining chairs: here

Curtains: here

Rug: here

Throw blanket: here

Throw pillows: here

Picture frames: here

Hanging key basket: here

Faux greenery: here and here

Throw pillow cover: here

Brass hardware: here

Bust: here

Repurposed Items:

China cabinet

This china cabinet was given to me from my aunt and uncle. I had wanted a china cabinet for a while and just didn't have the money to sink into a new one. I was really excited to repurpose this outdated one into what it is now! It was so easy. To read the DIY story, click here.

Side table

This side table belonged to my mother in law when she was growing up. My husband was using it as his dresser before we got married, and when we moved to our new house he freshened it up with sanding, staining (same color), and new antique brass hardware.

Dining table

This table was purchased as an antique by my parents when they first got married and recently gave it to me! I was thrilled to get it even though I didn't have any chairs for it. We plan to sand and re-stain it the same exact color. It's seen a lot of life and has had the tarnation scratched out of it.

Piano (keyboard) stand

This piece wasn't repurposed, it was built from scratch by my wonderful husband. It hides my keyboard in such a classy and elegant way - I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I'll be doing a blog post on that soon! :)

Other Items:

Mural wall picture

This artwork is actually a miniature version of a large wallpaper mural that an Etsy shop downsized for me to fit the exact dimensions of my picture frame. Find the full size here.

Architectural prints

Another Etsy find here.

Miniature portrait of a lady (The Hon. Mrs. Thomas Graham by Gainsborough)

This is a mini 5x7 print of one of my all time favorite artists Thomas Gainsborough. I sell this art print in my Etsy shop in 4 sizes. Find it right here.


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